A Guide to the castles of Ricardian Yorkshire

Sheriff Hutton Castle.

The castle was in possession of the Neville family for over 300 years. Richard of Gloucester became the owner upon marrying Anne Neville. The children of Edward the fourth , also Clarance’s son, the Earl of Warwick, were housed here during Henry Tudor’s invasion.

Helmsley Castle.helmsley1t

Richard exchanged some of his southern estates for the lordships of Richmond & Helmsley. After Richard’s death it reverted back to the De Roos(Lancastrian) family.

scarborough1Scarborough Castle.

In 1474, Richard exchanged some of his southern portion of Warwick’s estates for the Manor of Cottingham (near Hull) and the Lordship of Scarborough. Richard visited Scarborough on numerous occasions, staying at the castle or at the Manor House on the sea front.

richmond1Richmond Castle

When Edward IV became King, he bestowed the Honour of Richmond upon his younger brother Richard. However, in 1463, Edward had taken them off Richard and given them to Clarence. When the latter was executed in 1478, Richard exchanged some of his southern properties in order to regain Richmond.

middleham1tMiddleham Castle

Home of the Nevilles for hundreds of years – upon Warwick’s Death, 1471 – Richard married Anne, the Kingmakers youngest daughter and inherited much of Warwick’s property, including Middleham. Edward, Richard’s only legitimate son was born, and died there. After Richard’s death the castle was allowed to fall into disrepair.

rabycastleRaby Castle

Still privately owned and functional. Home of the Nevilles for hundreds of years. Richard inherited it through his marriage with Anne Neville.

barnard1tBarnard Castle

Another possession of the Nevilles which came to Richard through his marriage with Anne Neville – Richard made many improvements to the castle, including an Oriel Window with the Boar carved above it.

KnaresboroughCastle1Knaresborough Castle

During the Yorkist period, the castle was in the custodianship of the Plumptons, a well known Yorkshire family. It belonged to the Crown and Richard visited it many times when Duke of Gloucester and later as King.

skiptonSkipton Castle

Belonged to the De Cliffords. After the Battle of Towton, 1461, Edward of York seized the castle and Sir William Stanley held tenure In 1475, Edward granted it as a grateful gesture regarding Richard’s governance of the North.

sandalcastleSandal Castle

Edward III gave it to his fifth son, Edmund of Langley, Edward was killed at Agincourt, 1475 and left no issue. Edmund’s second son, the Earl of Cambridge, was executed as a traitor at Southampton. His son, Richard, became the Third Duke of York and was killed whilst foraging for food just outside the castle. When Richard came to the throne he utilised the castle for the Council of the North.

pontefract castlePontefract Castle

Belonged to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. Henry IV incorporated it into Crown Property – it was the Administrative Castle of the North – a stopping place on the way South. Richard has visited the castle many times, and here Vaughn, Grey and Woodville were beheaded.

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