Death Entry

Transcription of page from York City House Book containing death entry of Richard III

(Transcribed by Dr Lorraine Attreed)

Manes vigilia Sancti Rartholomei videlicet xxiij(o) [23rd] die Augusti anno etc. vacat regalis potestas.

Mayor: Nicholas Loncastre. 12: William Snawsell, John Tong, William Welles, William Chymney.

Sheriff: Thomas Fynch. 24: John Lightlope, Thomas Alan, William Spense, William Tayte, Richard Clerc, John Hagg, Michael White, William White, Miles Grenebank, Richard Hardsang.

Were assembled in the counsail chambre where and when it was shewed by diverse persons and especially by John Sponer send unto the feld of Redemore to bring tidinges frome the same to the citie, that King Richard late mercifully reigning upon us was thrugh grete treason of the ducof Northfolk and many othere that turned ayenst hyme, with many othre lordes and nobilles of this north parties, was pitiously siane and murdred to the grete hevynesse of this citie, the names of whome foloweth hereafter.

Wherfor it was determyned for so moch as it was said that therle of Northumberland was commen to Wressill that a lettre shuld be consaved unto the said erie beseking byrne to yeve unto them his best advise how to dispose them at this wofull season, both to his honour and worship and well and prouffit of this citie, the tenour wherfor foloweth herafter:

(Margin: copie).

Right prepotent and right noble our moost honourable, especiall and singuler good lord in our moost humble wise we recommend us unto your good lordship loving almightie God -of your home cummying at this woofull season, beseching your good lordship to be towards us as this citie as ye have be hertofore right good and tendre lord and soo to advertise us at this tyme as may be to the honour of your lordship, the well and prouffit of us and saufegard of this said citie, wherunto we shall applie us both with bodie and goodes and ever to owe unto your lordship our faithful hertes and true service. Further we besech your lordship to yeve full faith and credence unto our servaunt John Nicholson the berer herof in such thinges as he shall shewe unto your lordship of our behalve; and the blessed Trinitie etc.

To etc. therle of Northumberland; yours etc., mair, aldermen, shereffes, xxiiij(ti) of the counsaill of the citie of York with thole communaltie of the same.

23rd August 1485
York City Archives. House Book B2—4f. 169v.