Born October 2nd, 1452, theyoungest of the twelve children of the Duke and Duchess of York at their castle at Fotheringay.

  • 1459
    * With his Mother and some of his sisters and brothers at the Rout of Ludlow.
  • KingDick1461
    *April. Richard and George had been taken to Burgundy for safety
    *November, England. Richard became the Duke of Gloucester.
    *With Warwick and his family at Cawood Castle, York, for the installation feast of George Neville as Archbishop of York.
  • 1470
    *Sought safety with his brother Edward IV and leading nobles during the Re-adoption of Henry VI.
  • 1471
    *Took a leading part in the Battle of Barnet (April 14th) where Warwick was killed.
    *Took a leading part in the Battle of Tewksbury where Edward of Lancaster was killed May 4th
    * Married Anne Neville, Warwick’s younger daughter and came north to rule this part of the country for his brother, Edward IV
  • 1475
    * In France with Edward and a large army to fight the French. Instead of giving battle, Edward signed a Peace Treaty with Louis 11th, which Richard refused to witness.
  • 1477
    Pleaded with Edward to spare Clarence’s life. In vain.
  • 1482
    * Led English army into Scotland. Relieved Berwick on Tweed.
  • richiii1483
    April. Heard news of Edward s death whilst on the Scottish Borders. Edward had named him Protector of his realm and heirs.
    * June. Parliament banned Edward’s sons from ascending the throne. Children bastardised owing to their father’s “marriage” to Eleanor Butler. Richard offered the crown.
    *Richard s coronation in Westminster Abbey. July 6th.
    * Friday, August 29th, visits York on his royal progress. Halves the city’s taxes to the crown. His son, Edward aged 12, invested as the Prince of Wales in York Minster. Monday, September 8th.
  • 1484
    *Death of the young Prince at Middleham in April.
    *July 14th. Founded The Council of the North Rules, etc, read out in St Mary’s Abbey, York.
  • 1485
    *March, Death of his wife, Queen Anne.
    * Betrayed and slaughtered at the Battle of Boswort
    h. Monday, August 22nd